blacklotus-tightdress-2-600h-wmMy name is Charlotte Sinclair. I am an independent escort who specializes in meeting with couples. I have been offering my services to distinguished and respectful individuals and couples since 2008.

ménage à trois

A threesome encounter can be a sexy dream come true or a total disaster. Let me help you and your partner have the dreamy version.

When you hire someone like me – an escort who specializes in sexy trysts with couples – you can avoid all the complications and risks that come with searching for a single woman in the bar scene, at swingclubs or among personal friends. No weird emotional attachments will follow. You won’t have to agree to a full partner swap for your next encounter. No morning-after hangovers and regrets either.

Instead, you will have fantastic time without any drama. Because inviting an escort is a safe and sexy way to have a ménage à trois.


my perspective

I believe being a part of a couple’s fantasy adventure is a true honour. It gives me great pleasure to help a couple create a sensual experience that will bring them closer together and feel even more connected than before. When the evening is over all I wish is to leave them with are tantalizing memories of our escapade which they can revisit in their own secret life.

Yes, chemistry and sensuality are key, but so are discretion and privacy. So, I slip out of a couple’s life just as softly and discretely as I enter it. There are no expectations except mutual respect and genuine pleasure.

Please read through my website site to learn more about me and the tryst packages I offer as well as articles I have written regarding the Montreal escort scene and what to expect when we meet. I prefer to meet with couples over the age of 35. If you are younger I can connect you with a friend who meets with couples of your age.

I truly hope the information I present to you will help you in your search for a Montreal escort for couples.

Au plaisir,


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